• En. YOGA (Formerly Tonic Yoga) (map)
  • Level 1, 242 William Street
  • Northbridge
  • Australia

27 FEBRUARY - 3 APRIL 2019, 7:15-8:45 PM

Join Hannah every Wednesday night over 6 weeks to sample a collection of classes aimed at diving into the more mystical side of yoga and transformation energy. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed dabbling in the world the esoteric - think crystals, chakras, reiki energy and all the 'woo woo' things many of us are fascinated with but don't always  know how to approach. A lot of the time, this was done secretly, whilst wearing a 'corporate mask.'

Well now the mask is off, and it is time to share with you all in a very light and accessible way, some of my knowledge. Designed as a 'buffet' of ethereal delights, over 6 weeks we will explore the yogic art of conscious breath, thought and movement. Our yoga practices (predominantly yin and restorative yoga, pranayama and nidra) will be peppered with tools and rituals that connect us with our higher selves and the energy body (mudra, mantra, essential oils, crystals, reiki and angel cards).

These classes are designed to guide you towards alignment and a sense of awareness of the world that we cannot see. Once we understand these practices, we can use them to clear stagnant energy, enhance emotional wellbeing and manifest our greatest desires and dreams. 

Classes will be deeply relaxing and mostly guided so you can leave your thinking hats at home. If you sign up for the six week course, you will be gifted a ritual toolkit on the first night full of oils and crystals and other goodies that you will learn to use throughout the course.

Here is the line up: 

WEEK 1: Ground and Connect

Lets land in the space with a rooting practice helping you find your foundations and sink back into the essence of your being. a great place to grow from. Incorporating mudra, essential oils and crystals to your yoga practice can make for a deeply transcendent practice. 

WEEK 2: Chakras in Balance

An insight into the energy body. Just to be sure that we are starting this journey from a place of harmony, we will move through a chakra balancing practice. Bring awareness to these key energy centres and learn how to activate and regulate your energy using yoga, meditation, breath, oils and crystals.

WEEK 3: Access the subconscious

First lets clear out the trash from the subconscious with some Bhakti Yoga. From a clear space, we will plant the seeds of intention deep in our subconscious. Learn about Yoga Nidra, and why it is a powerful (and effortless) way to manifest your truest desires, then practice it!

WEEK 4: What of the moon?

Too many times in my life I had a clumsy day, a bad sleep and later realised it coincided with a full moon. So I started taking notice of moon cycles - I don’t just adapt my yoga practice by the moon but live my life by it. Enjoy a full moon flow and learn how to sync to nature’s most powerful cycle.

WEEK 5: Opening to bliss

Combining a sequence of heart opening poses and a splendid array of oils that enliven in us the experience of Joy start to feel the heart sparkle. We will also explore the power of gratitude and operating from a space of love. 

WEEK 6: Crystals & Cards

Connecting with the ancient wisdom of our earth using stones and crystals we use our practice to sharpen our intuition and then call for spiritual guidance, using my all time favourite angel cards. 

With the insight offered by our intuition, we embark on a final meditation to crystallise our intentions and open us to creativity and change.

There will be time to ask questions about the practices and rituals learned and to work with the art of manifestation.


If you are thoroughly intrigued, you can join us for the duration of the course for $140

Please note that booking in advance is ESSENTIAL as course participants will receive their own ritual kit to take home after the first session.

Alternatively, you can attend the classes individually for $25.

Please ensure that you select the correct date/week that you wish to attend . Due to the small venue size, tickets are strictly limited.

I can't wait to walk on the WOO WOO side with You!

*Please note that no regular En. Yoga passes or memberships will be accepted.

**There will be no refunds or discounts for missed classes or cancellations. You can ‘gift’ your class to a friend if you are unable to attend. Individual passes are only valid for the date that you have booked and can only be interchanged if there is capacity.