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Sunday 28 January 2017 - 9-11 am (opportunity to stay back for chats)

'In the life of a spirit, there is no ending that is not a beginning' - Henrietta Szold

Whilst there is a very exciting beginning around the corner for me, a significant chapter of my life is now drawing to a close. Looking back on 18 months of learning and growth, 18 months of connection and friendship and 18 months of living my passion, I feel strongly that this is a chapter that needs to be celebrated with all that have contributed to it!

This studio has so graciously connected me to my tribe - all of the faces that I have encountered have changed me - challenged me, taught me and mostly made me smile and feel loved and connected. Allow me to honour and acknowledge you all for your support of me along this wild adventure of life!

Honouring the cycle of change is not always easy, and its definitely been a challenge to let go of this studio that has brought me so many gifts. 

The best way I have learned to let go is through practice, particularly a deeply restorative practice using breath to release and long gentle holds to strip back to our essence. So this is what we will do! 

Join me for a long, soothing, cathartic experience, where we close one chapter and allow the joy of a new cycle to permeate our cells. There will be time after practice to chat and hug and share tea and snacks if you can stick around. 

Please use your regular passes for this event. Spaces are limited so book in advance to secure your space. Please note that as of Saturday 27th January as our booking system is transferred to EN. Yoga, there will be cash only at the studio.