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  • Matilda Bay Foreshore
  • Crawley
  • WA

Join Hannah from Tonic Yoga and our chief mermaid Claudia for this exquisite collaboration early in the New Year...

A deeply nourishing and sensorial restorative yoga experience awaits, move with divine and creative energy as we celebrate the Feminine, the Shakti energy from which all life comes forth into the world.

Our sweet soul-sister Hannah is expecting her first child, with her divine Buddha belly now taking centre stage, she is dropping deep into the essence of surrender and preparing a powerful Earth based practice for us. Here's what this soulful woman has to offer;

'One of the greatest gifts my yoga practice has given me is the ability to reconnect deeply with Gaia - Mother Earth. She is our nurturer, our teacher, and our greatest support. As I grow, I come to recognise more and more how she has my back, all I need to do is remember to surrender to her. Following your time in float, I invite you to come and settle back to Earth, feeling the cool green grass beneath us. Join Earth mama (to-be) Hannah as we pay homage to the divine support and nurturing power of Mother Earth in a deeply grounding restorative yin practice. Expect an invitation to open your hips and your heart and fully surrender to the divine.'

We got a feeling your going to fall in love with this beautiful woman as much as we have fun!

When: Sunday Jan 14th @ 4pm

Where: Matilda Bay foreshore (Precious Breath's outdoor studio)

Exchange: $55 for both sessions, $20 for Earth Yin only OR $45 for SUP Yoga only

From liquid we return to land, to gather together as a tribe, with common-unity, for play, for the experience, the creative expression. Join us after practice for an outdoor picnic and revel in the balmy Perth summer night <3

This is an entry level class - feel free to get in touch if you'd like some more info

*This is an intimate event and there are limited places available, book in soon to reserve your place!