• Tonic Yoga (map)
  • Level 1, 242 William Street (Entry off Francis Street)
  • Northbridge
  • Western Australia

EVERY SUNDAY FOR 6 WEEKS 8:00-9:30 AM, 23 APRIL - 28 MAY 2017


Our intention is to explore the fundamentals of chakra theory and what it means to translate theory into our yoga and meditation practice.

This will be an in-depth look at the science and philosophy behind chakras and how we can use this knowledge to inform our physical yoga practice. As well as how to integrate this knowledge  in relationships, our home, finances, creative projects, work and self worth. 

demystifying chakras

There are 7 main chakras aligned through our bodies from tailbone to crown. Each chakra governs a different aspect of our life and can become excessive or deficient through stress, unresolved emotions and habitual though patterns. Through this course we will learn about each chakra and look at common imbalances and how to remedy them through ancient yoga practices.