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HORMONES IN BALANCE: A Therapeutic Fusion of Naturopathy & Yoga

SUNDAY 5 MARCH 2017, 2-6PM

Join Nat, Mel and Hannah for a unique afternoon, where they will deliver their signature hormonal workshop along with the powerful practice of yoga.

During this half-day Urban Retreat, they will give you invaluable insights into your hormones and the common imbalances that result in undesirable cycle symptoms. (Such as pain, acne, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, anxiety, depression, mood swings, bloating, and weight gain - just to name a few!)

The event will be tailored to give you some holistic guidance and solutions to start enjoying a symptom-free cycle. You will experience a raw conversation in conjunction with an introduction to specific yoga sequences that have been specially designed to help you regain hormonal harmony and your ideal flow.

The Afternoon's Program:

2:00pm - 
Arrival and registration - (surprise goodie bags handed out!)
2:10pm - 
Introduction to the "Perfect Period" - what does this look like?
2:30pm - 
Getting to know oestrogen dominance and learning how to reduce excess oestrogen.
3:00pm - 
Yoga poses to assist oestrogen clearance.

Break (Herbal teas and a healthy, yummy snack!)

3:45pm - 
Getting to know progesterone deficiency and how to increase lowered progesterone.
4:15pm - 
Yoga poses to help increase progesterone.

Break (Herbal teas and a healthy, yummy snack!)

4:45pm - 
Getting to know testosterone elevation and how to reduce raised testosterone levels.
Introduction of two specificaly tailored hormonal programs, to provide personalised support on your hormonal journey and ensure you reach your health goals.
5:00pm - 
Transition into FULL 1 hour YOGA sequence to leave you feeling balanced and centered.


YOUR INVESTMENT: $70 (earlybird price)