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JOURNEY TO THE SIMPLE SELF: Tools to unload, reduce stress and live simply in the present moment


Modern day life is hectic. Between, work and family commitments, not to mention social, we can find ourselves strung out, in a digital daze longing for more time. The chaos of life is a direct contributor to stress and more and more, we yearn for that good old-fashioned simple life. 

Unfortunately time can't be bought or magically created, and so we must look for ways to harness the precious time that we have. Candice and Hannah both come from a corporate background and now run their own small businesses - they know all too well the impact of stress and how precious time can be! 

They have and have put together a workshop that shares their insights into the power of the present moment in creating a sense of time and space amidst the whir of modern life. Learn simple tools and daily rituals that will help you to strip back to simplicity and restore tranquillity in your home, your mind and your body.

Throughout this day we will delve into simple, accessible meditation tools connecting you to the present moment, the power of yoga to ease and release physical tension in the body. We will discover the incredible benefits of Aromatherapy and how treatment with the appropriate essential oils can unblock energy channels that may have become blocked during times of stress or illness. This will allow us to restore, balance and maximise our mental and physical good health.   

There will also be time for discussion about simple life hacks that can be weaved into the everyday that literally buy time. Snacks and refreshments will be provided at the urban sanctuary yoga studio. Dress for restorative yoga. Spaces are strictly limited.     


EARLY BIRD PRICE: $70 (Ends 12 May 2017)