'When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.' - John Lennon


We invite you to observe the sunrise and practice with us each morning for 21 days between 27 February and 19 March 2017.

Mornings are the most powerful time to practice yoga. We salute the sun in the morning to tap into the natural rhythms of the world around us, and in turn, our own internal rhythms. This is the time to set you up for your day, clear out the 'fuzz' that builds up in our systems overnight, stimulate your immune system, feel mentally clear and stoke your agni (digestive fire) . 

Embrace the warmer, lighter mornings before its too late! Experience the power of transformation with the seasons as you carry morning ritual and healthy habits into Autumn. 

There will be prizes for participants from Limon Day Spa, Beyond Rest and Tonic Yoga. 

Over the course of the 21 Day period, you are welcome to practice every morning at the studio and observe the transformation that takes place in your mind and body from this regular practice. 

All participants will be provided with a 21 Day Challenge Guide to help set their intentions for the period and track their progress during the challenge. There will also be an Accountability Board at the studio, so that you can feel the satisfaction of ticking your name off each morning (trust us, it is really satisfying!)

Of course, for many of us, a daily practice is not only daunting, but impossible! Every person is on a different path, so you are welcome to set the challenge that is both realistic for you and serves your individual needs. You do not need to attend every day to be in the running to win prizes. Prizes will be awarded to participants that follow through with their own intentions and achieve their personal goals. 

You are also welcome to supplement your practice in the studio with a short 15 minute practice at home, or if it serves you, take a rest day! This is an opportunity to learn about your body and the power of intention and nourish yourself each morning. 

Any student is welcome to participate. Details of what passes are required are set out below but you must register to be in the running. If you choose to purchase a Morning Challenge Pass, you will have access to all weekday 0600/0630 am classes, as well as 0800 and 1000 am classes on weekends. 


What does it cost? 

If would like to participate, you can purchase a pass that gives you unlimited access to our morning classes over the 21 Day period. You only need to attend 2 times a week to make this pass great value. If you purchase this pass, you will have access to all weekday 0600/0630 am classes, as well as 0800 and 1000 am classes on weekends. This pass will not give any access to lunchtime or evening classes. 





All students must still register (pricing option will appear as Free when you get to the checkout) to receive their goal sheet and take their place on the Challenge Board. 


If you have an existing 5 or 10 class pass that is running out, you can request to pause the pass over this period. 

The challenge is not open to students using an introductory offer. However, if you are a new student, you are welcome to sign up for the introductory offer at the expiration of the 21 Day Morning Challenge. 

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