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SHAKE YOUR CHAKRAS: Yoga Dance Workshop for Women

 Get Unstuck.  Be Unstoppable.


SUNDAY 19 MARCH, 2017, 1-4PM


Are you tired of feeling stuck?  Are you ready to release the negative energy that is holding you back from stepping into your feminine power?

It’s time to get unstuck and be unstoppable.

This is a dynamic 3-hour workshop designed for women that will help super-oxygenate your body by clearing out old, stuck energies.  This is your chance to find freedom through movement and ignite your power through the dance of yoga.

 The 7 Chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through.  They serve as a guidebook, giving us insights into the patterns that we are creating in our lives. 

Your thoughts, emotions and body are energy. Repetitive limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions create energy patterns. They get stuck in your body and become obstacles in your relationships and your body’s ability to heal itself.

During this workshop, Ashley will set the stage for a big, brave energy shift.  We will breathe with intent, break through the fears that hold us back, and begin to feel the power take shape in our physical, mental, and emotional selves. 


You will learn:

The psychology of the 7-Chakra system and their connection to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing

How beliefs create our biology

The positive and negative thought patterns associated with each chakra

Yoga postures for each chakra that will help build mental and emotional resilience

Healing affirmations to help you bring your life back into a positive, high vibe flow

This will be followed by a 75-minute sweaty, high-energy yoga dance practice that fuses Hatha yoga poses with cardio-intensive dance, primal movement, powerful core work, and deep breath practices. 

Each pose is accompanied with high-energy rhythm and flow.  Music will range from Hip Hop, Salsa, Jazz Funk, Electronic Dance, Pop, Indie, African Dance, Brazilian, and much more!

Join Ashley for a mind, body and soul tune up.  This is your chance to let go of negative energy, sweat with intention, and connect with yourself and other women through movement.  When women are bonded together in their true power, they are unstoppable.

 You will leave this workshop feeling ecstatic, energized, and empowered for the week ahead!


Snacks and refreshments will be provided upon arrival.  Your investment is $40.


Ashley Pincott is the Founder and Creative Director of Shake Your Chakras, an ecstatic yoga dance practice for women.

Ashley has a Masters degree in Psychology, with a specialization in female leadership resilience.  As a global yoga teacher, motivational speaker, resilience mastery coach, and writer, the mission behind all of her work is to inspire women to live fearlessly.  Originally from Canada, Ashley now lives in Bali and travels the world, sharing her passion and helping women to tap into their feminine power, build their resilience, and leverage their full potential, both on and off the mat.


To Book, visit Website: www.shakeyourchakras.com | Instagram @shakeyourchakras | Facebook @chakrashake