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Samprada Selfcare: Joy starts with you!

This isn't about bubble baths, green juices and massages (although you can include that if you like!) ... This is about exploring qualities and ways of being that invite more selfcare, joy and balance into life. This is about you tuning in and really listening to what you need, what you love and fully appreciating what you already have in life. 

If you’re feeling stretched and stressed; if your days fly by too fast, if you’ve lost sight of your passions; if rest eludes you or your health has taken a beating; or you just want more balance and flow in life – then this course could be just the thing.

Over the 6 weeks you’ll be introduced to a series of topics that are central to selfcare. You wont be given a one-size-fits-all prescription, instead you'll focus on qualities and ways of being that naturally lead to a selfcaring approach to life. 

Each week we will explore a different topic including: finding your core passion, mindfulness and meditation, defining your priorities, asking for support, feeling joy and how to make selfcare a daily practice. You will be given your own selfcare journal to work through and take home to explore during the week. 


YOUR REWARD: Six weeks to prioritise yourself and create more balance in your life.