Friday 1st December 2017

6pm - 7:45pm


...take a journey in to the heart space...


Calling all the curious minds! 

1st of December, marking the very first day of the Summer as we welcome the new season into our lives, gives us a great chance to reconnect and reflect on ourselves. 

Through my co-facilitation of bush walking retreats with Alicia, I have experienced the abundance of energy and the warmth Alicia holds in her heart. I truly feel we are blessed to have her co-facilitate this event.

Through guiding a yoga class, I create a space in each of us to witness what unfolds as Cacao opens our heart, mind and body. As "Yoga" in Sanskrit means to "yoke", to "bind" and "connect", this event will help you connect you within yourself as well as connect us as a community.

*** What is a Cacao Ceremony?

When we intentionally drink Ceremonial Cacao in ceremony, we take a journey into our hearts and gently shift that in which no longer is serving us and with the intent of love from our heart space we can move in to new paradigms within our self. We can journey from a Ceremonial Cacao experience as a more fresh, connected and vibrant version of ourselves. 

Traditionally Ceremonial Cacao was used by the Ancient Mayan Shamans in ceremony to travel beyond the veil ‘to see the unseen’ within ourselves and our reality. For the Ceremonial Cacao to take on a spiritual dimension and differ from other cacao sources, shamans infuse spirit in to the handpicked beans as a form of a blessing.

The spirit of Ceremonial Cacao supports us in connecting in with our hearts and consciousness, aligning with our authenticity and gently supports us in lifting the veil so we can see the truths in our reality. Ceremonial cacao is an ancient plant medicine made from Cacao beans that have been handpicked and blessed (infused with spirit) by shamans in Guatemala, South America.

When we experience a Ceremonial Cacao ceremony with yoga, this dynamic duo supports in shifting aspects of self - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The Ceremonial Cacao opens our heart and yoga supports us in moving the energy through the body to transmute, dissolve and transform that in which is no longer of benefit to us. 

“An Indigenous Mayan myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. Ceremonial cacao is then the Food for the Shift.” extract from Chocolate Yoga

*** About the Facilitators


Hello fellow souls :-) I'm a yoga teacher based in Perth, Western Australia who has trained in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for last 2 years. Since graduating in 2017, I have been teaching around Perth to a wide range of communities. When teaching yoga, I thoroughly enjoy creating an open space for each individual to experience mindful movements and re-connecting with their body. 

I describe yoga as "making love to yourself", where you are being "One" with your body, your breath, your mind and your spirit. Have you made love to yourself lately?


Hi Tribe! I’m Alicia from the Byron Shire, NSW. I am delighted to journey with you all as we connect together in sacred space with a Cacao Ceremony and Yoga. 

It is an honour to be of service by facilitating the Cacao element of our workshop. My background of kinesiology, art therapy and energetic medicine along with retreat and workshop co-facilitation support me in navigating from a heart space to create opportunities for the activation of our authentic selves. 

When we surrender and allow ourselves to be held by nature, we are transformed be seeing the divine beings that we truly are! 


Gathering Flow:

- Opening Circle
- Cacao Ceremony
- Yoga (Slow flow)
- Sharing Circle

What to wear:

Yoga gear/comfortable clothing

What to bring:
- An open heart
- Water bottle
- Towel
- (Yoga mats provided) 


Your Investment:

$30 Early bird ticket available until 15th October
$37 Full price ticket


*This event has sold out and bookings can no longer be made. If you would like to joint the  waitlist or enquire after any cancellations, please email Mhai or Alicia