• Tonic Yoga (map)
  • Level 1, 242 William Street
  • Northbridge WA 6003



Expanding on the teachings from Unveil Your Real Beauty, Rose will lovingly lead you through more in depth Connectuality evoking exercises that will include intuitive journalling, a 'journey into your soul' guided meditation, and a special heart chakra group healing session to go deeper and Cultivate your Real Beauty.

*This workshop is a follow on, next level offering - where we will go deeper and build upon the skills from Unveil Your Real Beauty. 


YOUR REWARD: an expansive soul nourishing experience where you will discover deep truths that will support you in the cultivation of your real beauty.

“Knowing the self is like cultivating a garden: you have to be willing to explore the invisible and slow down to nurture your awareness. You need to be willing to work deeper than the surface.”- Sondra Barrett, PhD. 'Secrets of Your Cells.'