Sunday Sessions: Yin + Meditation

Sunday Sessions: Yin + Meditation

Yoga on Harris (map)

Every Sunday for 6 weeks:

19 May - 23 June 2019 (excluding Sunday 2nd June), 9:30-11 am

** 12 May 2019 I am running a preview class so you can come and get a taste for the class. Being Mother’s Day, all Mums come for FREE! To join in you must REGISTER . Enter ‘MAMA’ at the checkout when purchasing a Single Class Pass. **

Sunday is a sacred day . It is a time where the world is quiet, when we finally have permission to be soft and slow. A rare moment where we have an opportunity to restore and refresh.

In these potent hours, I invite you to reconnect with your self, quiet your mind and soothe your body through yin yoga and meditation.

During this 6 week course, we explore key yin postures to open and soothe the body to prepare it to come to stillness for meditation. Please note the course is structured so that you do not need to attend preceding classes- you can join at any time and still receive the full benefits of the practice.

Yin yoga is an opportunity to balance the yang energy that we accumulate in our modern lifestyles. Yin postures are mostly floor-based passive and gentle (this is not a strong physical practice), and are held for longer periods of time (usually 3-5 minutes). The long holds enable us to enter an almost meditative state, making it a deeply relaxing experience. Yin postures are renowned for unlocking tension and increasing range of motion - hence assisting you to find a comfortable seat for meditation (although you are welcome to lie down for meditation also). 

Once our bodies are ready, we will step into practicing different meditation techniques to help quiet the 'monkey' mind and unveil our deeper levels of consciousness. We will experiment with breathing techniques, guided meditation and yoga nidra. No experience in yin yoga or meditation is required. 

YOUR INVESTMENT: $120 for 6 weeks (all props and equipment provided).

Alternatively, space permitting, if you wish to join us casually on a week to week basis, you may do so for $22 per class.

If you are booking online for a weekly pass, please ensure you choose the correct date when booking to ensure that there is availability on that date.

I have chosen a very sweet, very intimate venue for these classes, so note that spaces are very, very limited. Whilst cash payment on the day is welcome, I advise that you enquire in advance that space is available.

If you are unable to attend one or more classes after booking, I regret that I cannot offer a refund. You are however very welcome to pass your ticket on to a friend.

I am so thrilled to be returning to my neighbourhood to offer this sacred practice!

Woo Woo Wednesday - The Chakras Edition

Woo Woo Wednesday - The Chakras Edition

En. Yoga (map)

Every Wednesday evening for 7 weeks:

5 June 2019 - 17 July 2019, 7:15 - 8:45 pm

Understanding the concept of the chakras has over the years given me a great tool to navigate and understand my body and being, as well as a deeper understanding of the concepts of energy and the ‘unseen’ parts of the body. How we connect and relate to certain parts of ourselves, where we shine and where we are disconnected, can offer insight as to how we might heal and grow as individuals. This in turn can affect our health, wealth, relationships (both with ourselves and the external world), creativity, and help us to forge our own authentic path in life.

Over 7 weeks we will explore the 7 main chakras located between the crown and tailbone. Learning about common imbalances in each of these energy centres, how that can ‘show up’ in our bodies and behaviours and how to balance and harmonise the chakras using our favourite tools - yoga, meditation, crystals, essential oils and all the woo woo ways!

Participants of the 7 week course will receive a very special ritual kit packed FULL of goodies that we will use throughout the course (and beyond).

We predominantly practice restorative and yin yoga - this is suitable for all levels of experience and ability and no prior experience in yoga (or woo woo) is necessary.

For those of you interested in sampling a few classes individually, here is the breakdown:

  • WEEK 1: Muladhara Chakra - Ground, connect and build your stable foundation

  • WEEK 2: Svadhisthana Chakra - Awaken creativity and pleasure

  • WEEK 3: Manipura Chakra - Tame the ego and come into your power

  • WEEK 4: Anahata Chakra - Experience pure bliss and unconditional love

  • WEEK 5: Visuddha Chakra - Find your voice, speak your truth

  • WEEK 6: Ajna Chakra - Sharpen your intuition, learn to trust

  • WEEK 7: Sahasrara Chakra - Merging with the divine- know your place in the Universe

YOUR INVESTMENT: $179 for the full 7 weeks (including an insanely awesome ritual kit).

Please note that booking in advance is ESSENTIAL as course participants will receive their own ritual kit to take home after the first session.

Alternatively, you can attend the classes individually for $27.

Please ensure that you select the correct date/week that you wish to attend . Due to the small venue size, tickets are strictly limited.

*If you are no longer able to attend one or all of the classes in the course, I am unable to refund your ticket. You are however very welcome to pass on your ticket to a friend.