Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening to the studio?

Tonic Yoga is closing on January 28th 2018. The studio space will be under new ownership from 29th January 2018. You can visit for more details on how the studio space will be operating in the future. Hannah will continue Tonic Yoga as a 'mobile' yoga offering when she returns from maternity leave. Keep an eye out for newsletter updates on future Tonic offerings and thank you for your support of the Tonic studio space. 

Where are you?

They say that sometimes the best things are the hardest to find! We are located directly upstairs from Ruck Rover Store on the corner of William & Francis St (242 William Street, Northbridge).

Our entrance is on Francis St, via the big silver door, next to the internet cafe (very close to the State Library Carpark). 

Where can I park?

Street parking is usually easy to find. On Francis St, parking is free before 8:00 am and after 6:00 pm Monday - Saturday. Street parking is free outside the studio on Sundays. 

Alternatively, the State Library Carpark is right next door and offers reasonable hourly rates. 

There are a number of nearby bike racks in the State Library Carpark, TAFE campus on Francis St or on the street pole outside!

We are a short stroll from Perth Central train station and the Perth Busport and encourage the use of public transport. 

What do I need?

A body. 

We have ample mats available for use free of charge and supply a full range of yoga props for use during classes.

Our mats are treated with local, natural botanical yoga mat spray after every use, so we promise they will feel clean and smell fab. 

Our water filter is available for use to keep you hydrated and we even have snacks available  for purchase if you need some sustenance after class. 

Yoga is more enjoyable when you wear loose, comfortable clothes.

We have a toilet and changeroom downstairs so if you need to get changed before or after class, you are very welcome to. 

How do I book / pay?

Head over to our Classes + Buy page to view our full schedule and pricing options. If you 'click 'book/buy now' anywhere on this site, you will be taken to a registration page where you can sign up and make a purchase. Already registered? See 'Do I need to book in advance?' below. 

If you have never visited our studio before, you might be interested in our Introductory Offer which entitles you to 1 month of unlimited yoga (at both locations) for just $59. This is a one time offer for all new students. Alternatively, we have a number of one off options to suit your needs. 

Alternatively, you can just turn up and we will sign you up at the studio. We accept cash or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard only) at the studio. 

I am a beginner, where do I start?

We offer 6 week Beginners Courses that run consistently at the studio. Head over to our Courses + Events page to see our upcoming course dates. This is the best way to build a safe foundation for practice. We note that you can take advantage of our Introductory Offer during or after completion of your 6 week course so you can still trial all of our wonderful regular classes. 

If our course dates don't work for you or you want to see how you go in our regular classes, we recommend our Slow Flow or Yin + Tonic or Yin/Yang options as a great starting point. To read more about our different class styles, click here

All of our teachers are qualified to offer assistance in a class so if you want to try a vinyasa or flow class, we will be sure to help you out and offer modifications as necessary. 

What is your amazing Introductory Offer? 


We offer all new students a chance to explore our studio, teachers and different class styles for a whole month for just $59. 

You can purchase your Intro Offer here. You may only use this offer once, but after your first month with us, we have a number of affordable pricing options.

The Introductory Offer will commence from the date of your first VISIT. This means you can purchase it now, and turn up next week - you will still get a full month to sample all of our regular classes. There is no commitment after this 1 month period. 

On that note, purchasing an Intro Offer will NOT give you access to our Beginners Courses or special events. 

We do not refund or extend our Introductory Offer. For our full terms and conditions, click here.  

Do I need to book in advance?

We really appreciate it if you can book in advance. This helps us to plan our classes more effectively, and ensures that you won't miss out when you arrive (our space is rather 'cute'). 

If you have purchased a pass at the studio and want to start making bookings, you just need to enter your email address when you are prompted to register on our website. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER TWICE! We hate to waste your time, so enter your email and it will then prompt you to create a password, no further details required! Once you have a password, you can log in any time to book or cancel. 

Why is my pass not registering when I try to book?

It is likely that you have registered twice (once in the studio and again online). Computers are silly and don't recognise your name even if it already exists in our system, thus it has created a duplicate account. Just send us an email and we will merge your two accounts so that you have 1 name and 1 pass to use for bookings. 

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, we know things don't always go to plan!

Simply log in to cancel your class. If you do not cancel your booking, you may be charged. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to determine if you will be charged for the class. If you think you have been charged and you did not attend a class, please send us an email.

I am a Tonic Lover and I am ready to commit!

You have made a great choice! Our Tonic Lover fortnightly direct debit option is the best value if you are willing to practice two or more times a week at just $150/ month. Of course if you would rather pay monthly, that can be arranged. 

The main term for you to know is that you must sign up for a minimum term of 3 months for this pricing option. After that period, you can cancel any time, just send us an email. You should read the full terms + conditions, set out here

Do you hire out the studio for events and one off classes?

YES! We LOVE hosting special events (yoga and sometimes, non-yoga related). If you want to know more about our availability, rates and how to hire the venue, drop us a line here

Do you come to us? 

YES! We offer Corporate Yoga, Private Group and Individual Yoga classes off site. We like to cater to your individual needs so drop us a line and we will work out something perfect for you!

Who am I?

We don't know - but you might get closer to the answer by spending some time 'looking in' at one of our classes :) 

Still got a question? Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you!

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