Want to have a morning routine that'll kick your day into gear? 

What if I told you adding morning meditation practice is the key to your clarity, productivity & creativity? 

Ignite your morning routine by joining Z for a six week morning meditation and flow series. 

Each week we explore and experience why a morning meditation is such a powerful tool for your evolution. 


Class Structure: 

  • A weekly theme that'll help you expand and build on your understanding of meditation and why it's the other half of yoga. 
  • A lively yoga practice that ignites the senses and helps you get our of your head into your body. 
  • A guided meditation that expands on the weekly theme to support your intention and encourage your growth. 
  • Suggested take home exercises to support your journey! 

A solid morning routine and ritual will set your day up for success. Experience why meditation has become a non-negotiable for millions of people in the modern world - it's not just for monks or yogi's in ashrams you know! Meditation will help you handle stress, reduce anxiety, increase productivity and creativity, and improve your overall health.