Samprada Selfcare: Joy starts with you!

This isn't about bubble baths, green juices and massages (although you can include that if you like!) ... This is about exploring qualities and ways of being that invite more selfcare, joy and balance into life. This is about you tuning in and really listening to what you need, what you love and fully appreciating what you already have in life. 

If you’re feeling stretched and stressed; if your days fly by too fast, if you’ve lost sight of your passions; if rest eludes you or your health has taken a beating; or you just want more balance and flow in life – then this course could be just the thing.

Over the 6 weeks you’ll be introduced to a series of topics that are central to selfcare. You wont be given a one-size-fits-all prescription, instead you'll focus on qualities and ways of being that naturally lead to a selfcaring approach to life. 

Each week we will explore a different topic including: finding your core passion, mindfulness and meditation, defining your priorities, asking for support, feeling joy and how to make selfcare a daily practice. You will be given your own selfcare journal to work through and take home to explore during the week. 


YOUR REWARD: Six weeks to prioritise yourself and create more balance in your life. 

YIN + MEDITATION COURSE (Last for 2017!)

YIN + MEDITATION COURSE (Last for 2017!)

Tonic Yoga (map)



In a structured 6 week course we explore key yin postures to open and soothe the body to prepare it to come to stillness for meditation. 

Yin yoga is an opportunity to balance the yang energy that we accumulate in our modern lifestyles. Yin postures are mostly floor-based passive and gentle (this is not a strong physical practice), and are held for longer periods of time (usually 3-5 minutes). The long holds enable us to enter an almost meditative state, making it a deeply relaxing experience. Yin postures are renowned for unlocking tension and increasing range of motion - hence assisting you to find a comfortable seat for meditation. 

Once our bodies are ready, we will step into practicing different meditation techniques to help quiet the 'monkey' mind and unveil our deeper levels of consciousness. We will experiment with breathing techniques, guided meditation and yoga nidra. No experience in yin yoga or meditation is required. 


YOUR REWARD: 6 weeks of blissful sleep and tools to demystify and enjoy meditation.

BEGINNERS COURSE (Last one for 2017!)

BEGINNERS COURSE (Last one for 2017!)

Tonic Yoga (map)


MONDAYS 5:30PM - 6:45PM

This is a structured 6 week course where we explore the basics of postural alignment in key asanas as well as breathing techniques, yoga philosophy and vinyasa sequencing.

Our studio is equipped with ample props to enable students to find safe modifications, learning to adapt the practice of yoga to your unique body - this is the traditional method of introduction to yoga as taught by Krishnamacharya, the founder of modern yoga. 

Students will be learning the fundamentals of yoga in a friendly and safe environment where we can expand our knowledge and confidence, setting down the yogic path with the support of a community of like-minded individuals.

By the end of the course, students will be equipped with enough knowledge and assurance to safely attend regular scheduled classes. 


YOUR REWARD: A potent introduction to the wonderful world of yoga!



Yoga for Trauma Workshop with Jen Stuart

Yoga for Trauma Workshop with Jen Stuart

Tonic Yoga (map)

Saturday 21st October 2017



Coping with trauma can be exhausting. Those who have been through or going through an extreme can get to know the challenges that come with such an event(s).


The truth is there is no quick fix, no magic wand but there are tools and techniques to help guide you safely through. Jen has created a ‘Trauma Toolkit’ to help you heal and overcome your situation through body up processing.


Our bodies have things to say and we will try to listen - this is where Yoga comes in.


This 2 hour workshop will have a focus on grounding, balancing the nervous system, and finding which tools you want to carry in your toolbox. Trauma Sensitive Yoga and specific breathe techniques will allow a greater ability to tolerate trauma related stimuli by working with new pathways of healing and personal growth. Begin to feel safer within your own skin on and off the mat.


Guided by Jen, who comes from a background of personal trauma experience and has gone onto further training in PTSD, mental health and Trauma Sensitive Yoga training.


Get in touch with any questions or enquiries with Jen on jenstuartcontact@gmail.com

Places are limited, booking is essential and unfortunately no refunds available.

Your investment: $55


Check out Jen’s: Website at www.jen-stuart.com

Meditation & Mindfulness  30 hr Teacher Training

Meditation & Mindfulness  30 hr Teacher Training


Meditation & Mindfulness  30 hr Teacher Training 

In this 30 hour teacher training we will unravel how to teach meditation and mindfulness to the general population

Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November

Friday 6pm - 8.30pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
unday 10am - 8pm

Do you want to teach Meditation? Are you interested in Mindfulness? Do you want to change your career and help your community de-stress and chill? 

his course will cover the following:

  • Techniques and Training - covering various techniques, posture, breathing techniques, use of props and modifications.
  • Teaching Methodology - how to structure a class, voice, presenting, creating courses music, sound being a facilitator and creating your own vibe.
  • Anatomy and Physiology - We'll unravel the anatomical and physiological benefits, What happens to the brain when we meditate? How can meditation help improve performance?
  • Philosophy - The Yoga Sutras, history of meditation, the earliest texts on mediation and discovering practices from different schools of thought including Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and others.
  • Mindfulness - How can we calm the mind? We look at what mindfulness is, and how we can put this into practice in our daily lives.
  • Practicum - Each participant will practice teaching different techniques throughout the course, and will also write their own guided mediation then lead the class.

This weekend course is a 30 hour certification registered with Yoga Alliance.  A take home practice and assessment will be required and attendees will receive a certificate on completion.

This training is for yoga teachers, movement teachers, or meditation students with no less than 2 years practicing. 

Investment - This course is  $690 for the 30 hour Yoga Alliance certified course.




Trip Through the Fascia System - Continuing Education and Teacher Training with Rusty Davis

Trip Through the Fascia System - Continuing Education and Teacher Training with Rusty Davis


RUSTY DAVIS YOGA: Trip through the Fascia System

Continued Education and Yoga Teacher Training

2 x 30 hour Modules, 2 x 50 hour Modules, (YACEP) Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Who should attend?

·      Teachers of ALL disciplines

·      Students of life and movement

·      ALL who just want a daily retreat through yoga practice


Come learn and unwind!

Module 1:  Anatomy through the fascia perspective (30 hours): November 17-19, 2017

  • We will look at the fascia system with open mind and eyes through an extensive study of the structure of the body.
  • What, how, where, functions, energy, storage, movement, tensions, release and many more in-depth focus work.
  • Come learn about anatomy in a whole new way that is exciting, easy to learn as you feel your way through your body.  This is an amazing way to learn.


In order to secure your position, please provide a 40% deposit:

The remainder will be payable prior to commencement of the course. 


Module 2:  Movement through the fascia perspective (30 hours): November 24-26, 2017

  • Learn how to incorporate fascia movement knowledge into day to day life or sports.
  • Learn how to look at vinyasa, hatha or any discipline of movement in a simplified way to allow yourself or students to have the healing experience that simply moving beyond your normal pattern as a human can offer. 
  • Learn to find more strength and grace in sports or more alignment with daily actions like sitting or standing. 
  • We will dive deep into our energetic body in a whole new perspective with in-depth study of the many fascia lines, how they connect and how to utilise our energy that is always there but sometimes forgotten.  
  • We, as a bonus, will learn how to release the PSOAS muscle through movement.


In order to secure your position, please provide a 40% deposit:

The remainder will be payable prior to commencement of the course. 


Module 3: Release work through the fascia perspective (50 hours): December 6-10, 2017

  • Learn how the fascia is a storage locker for “energy-in-motion” or “EMOTIONS”. 
  • Learn about the “Bands of Tensions” in the human bodies, how they can affect the human body and how to release them. 
  • We will look at the trigger points of the body for release, foot, head & hand reflexology, solar plexus or diaphragm release and many more simple ways to look for root causes of tensions and pains.  YOU can heal your stiffness that you sometimes feel fast and effectively!!! 
  • Come learn a whole routine for a home practice or bring these techniques at anytime in the classroom setting. 
  • We, as an extra bonus, will learn how to release the PSOAS muscle through many release techniques through stillness, observation and relaxation. 


In order to secure your position, please provide a 40% deposit:

The remainder will be payable prior to commencement of the course. 


Module 4:  Rebooting the Fascia system through Active Release techniques, meditation, pranayama and Intro to Transformation Breath-work (50 hours): December 13-17, 2017

  • Have you ever wanted to learn to breathe more effectively?
  • Breath is everything and the most important activity that you do.  The strange thing is most of the population have never been properly taught about the breath system.  We tend to live at the 33% or less range through our depth of the inhale and exhale, this is holding us back and keeping us feeling low energy or even depressed. We will study the neurological system and detox the overcharged state we tend to live in these days.   Finally, freedom from traumas, stress, worries and tensions in the body awaits.  We will study the concept of prana leakage and how to gain back the valuable energy to fill our human vessel tanks to full and finally have the energy to let go of “things” that hold us back.
  • Learn how to get your fullest potential of energy back! We will look at the breath in a new perspective that really gets the mind to be sharp and the body vibrating to a whole new level. Ease in the breath means more health and power to fight disease and stay looking and feeling younger.
  • Release through breath - this is an amazing gift for yourself. 
  • Learn about using movements that everyone can perform to release energy and learn calming pranayama for finding more ease in the mind and lives


In order to secure your position, please provide a 40% deposit:

The remainder will be payable prior to commencement of the course. 


If you wish to partake in all four modules, the discounted price is $2749. In order to secure your position for all modules, a 40%deposit is payable via this link: 

The remainder will be payable prior to the commencement of the course. 

Please note that once paid, all deposits are non-refundable. Cancellation within 30 days of commencement of the module will require payment in full. 

What’s included?

  • This course/teacher training works in any order of modules, feel free to do one or all. 
  • You will get manuals for each course. 
  • There will be plenty of opportunity to teach in a setting that gives loving feedback for growth, if you choose.   
  • Or, you can choose to just DO the practices, be a model for adjustments and positive mental support for the future teachers. 
  • You will receive a diploma from the Art of Release Yoga Continuing Education system through Yoga Alliance.

 There are ways to complete a full 200 hr YTT certification with Rusty Davis. Please get in contact with Rusty to discuss these options or if you have any other questions about the training at rustydavisyoga@gmail.com. 

For more information about Rusty Davis Yoga please check out


Rusty Davis © Heather Bonker-97.jpg


We hope that you will join us through this extended retreat-learning experience.

Your minds, bodies and breath system will change in a positive way, this I promise!




The Yoga Social, in collaboration with Tonic Yoga (Perth) present:
200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Your path to becoming an internationally certified and qualified yoga teacher

Our courses are Yoga Alliance accredited. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate from The Yoga Social, which allows you to register with Yoga Alliance.

Dates for 2018 - Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays

  • Feb 9th/10th/11th
  • Feb 16th/17th/18th
  • Feb 23rd/24th/25th
  • March 9th/10th/11th
  • March 16th/17th/18th
  • March 23rd/24th/25th
  • April 27th/28th/29th
  • May 4th/5th/6th

Class times
Friday 6pm - 8.30pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 8pm

The teachers 

Ambika Chadwick - Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer
Plus guests. 
Check out Ambika and the team HERE

Please note that we'll have guest asana teachers throughout the course and will let you know who'll be teaching a little closer to the course date. 


Early Bird - $3000 (this includes $200 deposit - please see below 'terms' for more details)

Full payment - $3500 (this includes $200 deposit - please see below 'terms' for more details)

What makes our Yoga Teacher Trainings different to the rest? Check it out HERE


What we will unpack in our yoga teacher training

Techniques and training
learn to skilfully and intelligently approach the following Yoga techniques: 

  • Asana - Flow (vinyasa), Classical and Restorative techniques. Each pose will be deconstructed so you will have an understanding of the benefits, modifications and common misalignments.
  • Pranayama - Learn how to breathe properly, and how to incorporate the breath into a Yoga class and daily life for improved health and wellbeing. 
  • Meditation - Practice and teach the various methods of meditation and stillness. Each trainee will be encouraged to meditate themselves throughout the course. 

Anatomy and physiology

  • We will cover functional movement, bones, muscles and joints of the body and how we can apply this to a Yoga class so we have a deeper understanding of what we are teaching and have a more empathetic approach to how our students move. 
  • You'll be able to identify different body types and shapes and have more of understanding of the 'one size DOES NOT fit all' approach. 

Teaching methodologies
 Learn to:

  • Verbally and visually cue and teach a yoga class.
  • Sequence Flow - Vinyasa/Classical and Restorative classes.
  • Teach beginners through to Intermediate students.
  • Plan and prepare a class.
  • Adjust a student safely and confidently.
  • Develop and market yourself and your Yoga business

Personal practice and mentoring

  • Practice teaching
  • Observations 
  • Mentoring/goal setting sessions with trainers

Yoga history and philosophy

  • Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • History of Hatha Yoga.

Sign up now—places are limited and fill up fast


Not quite ready to sign up? Contact us for more information.


The fine print —terms and conditions of cancellations, refunds and certifications

Investment and payment plan. 
Early Payment - $3000 (this includes $200 deposit - see below for details)
Full Payment - $3500 (this includes $200 deposit - see below for details) 

The 'early bird' payment of $3000, means that the course must be paid in full before 3 months prior to the course, or the payment plan must be started by 10TH NOVEMBER 2017 3 months prior to the course. The payment plan consists of 6 fortnightly payments $466.6

If balance of payment is made after 10TH NOVEMBER 2017 (3 months prior to the course), or the payment plan has started within 3 months of the course (after 10TH NOVEMBER 2017) the course fee will go up to $3,500 (payment plan amount $550 for 6 payments)

ust be received in writing. Deposits will not be refunded.

  • If you cancel 4 weeks before the course start date. If paid in full, the amount minus the deposit will be refunded if received 4 weeks before the course date.
  • If you cancel within 4 weeks of the course start date or once the course has commenced, no refund is given during the course period.

A qualification and certification will be rewarded only if the following conditions are met:

  • The student is successful in passing the examinations (theory and practical).
  • The student has a 100% attendance record. If a lecture cannot be attended by a student, the student may be required to make up this time at a later date with a Teacher Trainer at the cost of $100 per hour depending on the lecture (reason for being absent will be taken into consideration).