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Recently, we were treated to a visit from Inspired Vitality Retreats as they shared their pearls on gut health and hormone balancing to uncover 'rockstar' like vitality. Aside from learning a whole bunch of simple 'hacks' to greater health, I was reminded of the myriad of modalities and ways to bring healing to your life. The 'off the mat' that supports my 'on the mat'. 

As much as yoga has become my 'windex' the catch all healer for every ailment, there are certainly times where rolling out my mat only takes me part of the way towards the answer. Luckily, we have a MOUNTAIN of events happening over the coming months to compliment your yoga practice. 

This workshop couldn't have come at a better time for me as I search out new food rituals to heal my gut and support my newly formed yoga life. Recently I re-visited my favourite naturopath who has helped me to clear out some 'bugs' in my system, and start a protocol for internal healing. First stop: cut down the sugar and cut out the wheat and dairy FULL STOP. I am not really one to take on overly restrictive diets. Moderation and eating for joy and nourishment generally guide my decisions.

Hence the thought of rigid dietary restrictions was a shift... A surprisingly welcome one! Its amazing what difference it makes to have someone qualified speaking to you authoritatively about such things. Now it wasn't just me internet diagnosing myself - someone was telling me what to do - and as someone often guiding, this was a welcome handing over of the reigns. 

I Want Results

Within days, my body felt lighter, more flexible (yep), and just generally more in the flow. And the other thing was, I couldn't make harming decisions any longer - those temptations to dig into a huge Re-Store roll, miraculously disappeared- that wouldn't serve me (but hopefully one day... ). It has made me think more carefully about what I bring in, which hasn't created a sense of 'overthinking' or 'anxiety' like you might anticipate.

The whole experience really makes me question why we put up so much resistance to implementing small changes in our lives (e.g. A daily yoga practice), when we know It will help. If you knew you could have an endless well of energy and vitality, and all you had to do was give up some grain, would you do it? I encourage you to say yes (just try it) and see what flows.

So what about Cashew Cream?

As a non-dieter, how is it going over two months in? Great! There have been a few lapses (which were a great reminder to stay on the path), there have been days where I have felt like I might bankrupt myself to eat clean, and of course, there are days when you let yourself feel completely deprived as the only person in town trying to turn down the grain. And that is the time where my new little friend Mr. Cashew Cream comes in.

So on a particularly challenging Saturday afternoon - a time where I would normally treat myself to a bit of pizza, a block of Lindt and a period drama (Perrin was out), I got cooking. First, it was energising to cook rather than slump on the couch. Second, I felt great about myself for making a healthy decision AND for being organised - cooking for the week on a Saturday- a rare win. Third, Lasagna.

The one stumbling block: bechamal sauce. A bonafide vege fan, I had no problems replacing pasta sheets with vege slices, but over my dead body would I give up on the creamy, rich element that bechamal sauce brings to the table. My response: CASHEW CREAM. It can't be too hard, I thought - I was wrong... it was so goddam easy, I feel embarrassed that I needed a recipe. This stuff is the serious bomb - I have been caught dipping a teaspoon in the leftover cream at least a handful of times this week. And as I googled my way through the many stories on all things cashew, I found THIS. Now I'm just slowly working my way through the recipes and adaptations. If I start to look like a cashew, let me know :)

In summary, making a big dietary change can be terrifying. But case in point, a choice to heal and nuture need not result in a life of anti-socialism (I mean, there is always Flora + Fauna), dull flavours and lack of rich, creamy goodness. It can mean more energy, more self love and all this ultimately takes me one step closer to a life of sadhana!

If you have any great recipes or stories to help keep me on the gluten, dairy free path, post them below! Xx