Although I have practiced yoga for over 12 years, it was when I cleared out from my corporate lifestyle and made time for daily practice that I started to see life with more colour. Yoga has been a key, enabling me to unlock and unfurl the deeper layers, the truth that runs beneath the surface of my ideas and muscle fibres - the essence of who I really am. I am passionate about sharing this experience with anyone who also wants to run a little deeper or seeks respite from their busy life.

As I continue to delve within, I move closer to an authentic life - one where I make the rules, where I follow the song of my soul. This led me to leave my life as a lawyer and set sail to Costa Rica, where I undertook my first teacher training. I then took some time out to travel the world, teaching and practicing yoga from California to Barcelona. I have since commenced a 500 hour teacher training certificate in Bali, undertaken specific training in meditation, fascia release and reiki. Practicing every yoga style and its compliments in many places (and many languages!) has given me a deep well of inspiration to draw from.

After settling back to my home town of Perth, I started to lay down some roots, feeling more and more that I had found my calling as a yoga teacher. In 2016 I launched Tonic Yoga, my own yoga studio in Northbridge, which provided a canvas for me to share my own authentic yoga experiences. It was a long held dream to offer a space of sanctuary in the city as it is something that I feel is truly rare and lacking in our urban centres. The studio cemented me on the path of teaching - running a small business requires incredible commitment and was without doubt an incredible learning curve both in my yoga teachings and as a student of life. I am so grateful for my time in the studio which connected me with so many amazing souls - inspiring yoga teachers, likeminded small businesses, leaders in an array of healing and health modalities from around Perth, Australia and the world. Most importantly, it connected me with a very special community of students; I have so much respect for everyone who joined me and allowed to share a bit of myself through my teachings. I believe that our students are our greatest teachers, and I thank you all for how much I have learned from you all.

The adventure of life has led me to move beyond the bricks and mortar yoga space as I ventured into the biggest learning curve of all - Motherhood. As someone who doesn’t do things in halves, I wanted to focus solely on becoming a mother - which has been the most indescribable and amazing gift; it has also been a surprising source of inspiration for my yoga.

Although my hands are pretty full of beautiful, soft baby these days, I now more than ever, feel the importance of nourishing your body and mind with yoga and meditation practice - lets just say I was very naive about how I thought being a stay at home mother would be! No one can prepare you for the journey into motherhood, but I do hope that my experience of it can allow me to support fellow parents by offering the respite that we all so desperately require!

Whether you are a corporate high flyer or a tired mum covered in spit up, my yoga is for You. It is aimed at offering the busy body and the tired mind respite. It is a tonic, a balm to help you refill your cup and see out your hectic day. So join me and allow your spirit to be uplifted.

Do you want to share your story? I would love to hear from you.